Privacy policy

1. What our data policy covers

Responsible for your data is Abero Technologies (Gerbyntie 16, 65230 Vaasa / 2902316-9) – Hereafter referred to as Abero.

Our privacy and cookie policy will be explained below and contains information on what data we collect, why we collect it, and to whom we will share the data. We will also explain the rights and choices customers have when it comes to personal data collected by Abero.

On Abero’s website, there are links to third party websites which are out of our control. Please ensure you read their privacy policies since our organisation does not control these.


2. Data collected by Abero

Here it is described what data we collect when using our services. When you register as a customer or place an order we collect:

  • Personal details such as: name, address, email, phone number and in some cases social security number and/or VAT number
  • Account login details
  • IP address when the order is placed
  • Passport number for orders leaving the European Union

3. Use of personal data

We make use of personal data:

  • To process, deliver and inform you about the state of your order
  • To ensure we can contact you if something unexpected occurs with your order
  • To handle after sales such as warranties, refunds and other after-sales related issues
  • To make aftersales and upgrades on your request easier
  • To give you access to order history on your customer account
  • To manage competitions, offers and promotions that you choose to take part of
  • As documentation towards government for instance tax authorities or legal issues
  • To ensure we can contact you if authorities recall a product for safety reasons
  • To validate credit line
  • To avoid and prevent fraud and other illegal activities

Besides for the above mentioned reasons, we use personal data to understand customer behaviour in order to improve our services in for instance online marketing or regarding products that might interest you.


4. Sharing of personal data

Sharing inside the Abero organisation
Personal information is available to employees inside the Abero organisation, encompassing staff in Abero and Multitronic Oy. Employees often work for both of these organisations sitting at the same desk and using the same credentials as in the Multitronic administration system.


Sharing with vendors and partners
Multitronic Pro can share your personal information with vendors and partners. In most of these cases, it is done to deliver a service/product, for instance when purchasing software, warranty extensions or product/warranty registrations. We might also share your information on claims and warranty issues.


Sharing with service providers
To make our service work we share information with service providers. For example, logistic companies, payment portals, instalment and credit facilitating companies. We share only information that is necessary for service providers to fulfil their service.


Website Analytics
To improve and optimise the user experience on our website, we use so-called tracking technologies. Abero uses them to see which pages and products customers have visited to improve the quality of the content and products we provide. For those purposes, Abero uses two main services: Google Analytics and Facebook.


Google Analytics
Abero website uses Google (Universal) Analytics from Google Inc. Google Analytics can read certain text files (cookies)  located on the client’s computer. Abero does not share or get any customer information, such as name or contact details through Google Analytics. Location of the client is roughly determined by IP address in use. The data provided through Google Analytics is encrypted. For better marketing analysis Google Analytics will store cookie information for 38 months.

To prevent the transmission of cookie-generated information, the client can install a browser plug-in. But in doing so, the customer will opt-out not only from Abero but also from any other website which uses Google Analytics. You can get the plug-in from this link.


Marketing and advertisement


Notice that you can at any time unsubscribe from our email service either by clicking the link in the email or by contacting our customer service and asking for removal from the mailing list.


Sharing with other organisations
We might share your data with other organisations under exceptional circumstances, for instance if:

  • required by law or public authority
  • needed to ensure our legal rights and minimise our credit risk

5. Protection of your personal data

All personal data is stored on our own servers and backup systems. We use encryption and firewall to minimise the risk of leaks of personal data. Servers and a backup systems have limited physical access. All data transferred from customer devices are transferred via HTTPS so its encrypted between your device and our servers.

We might ask for your bank account number only in cases where we need to provide you with a refund. We never store any of your credit card or bank login information in Abero’s systems. Service providers are responsible for collecting this data. We do our uttermost to ensure that no personal data leaks out while transferred via the internet.

Personal data might be transferred and stored outside EEA (European Economic Area) by our service providers.


6. Period personal data is stored and deletion of personal data

We store personal data until you ask for its removal. We recommend ten years since some of the products we sell have the warranty for this period and in case that product needs to be recalled for safety reasons we wish to be able to contact you as fast as possible. We find this very important, so we can trace who has bought the product to prevent any damage or hazard.

We might also be limited for technical, legal, or regulatory reasons to delete your data. We remove your personal data on request by you.


7. Your rights to access to your personal information we have

You have the right to access what personal information we have on you. The easiest way to access this is to log on to your user account. Please correct or inform us if any personal data is incorrect. You have the right to have your personal data transferred to a third party of your choice. You can upon request ask us to limit the use of personal data if it has been used illegally, it’s no longer up to date, it’s incorrect or during the process of deletion of data.

You can also contact our customer service to get a statement on what information we have on you and request a transfer. We might ask you for proof of identity and details about our relationship to ensure that you’re the right person. Someone else can on your behalf also ask for your personal data. We will apart from in rare cases respond to you with your personal information within 20 working days after receiving and approving your request. We will evaluate each application separately to ensure it does not violate any other compliances we might have towards for instance authorities.


8. Use of cookies

We use cookies to operate effectively, to manage online purchases and to improve our service and monitor customer behaviour. A cookie is a small file that is stored in your browser. The cookies we use are either persistent or session based. A persistent cookie is stored in your web browser until you delete it. A session-based cookie is stored until your session ends on Abero’s web page.


9. Change of data policy

Abero has the right to change data protection policy. Changes will be posted on our Data Protection Policy page (this is where you are now) a minimum of three days before it takes effect. Abero will always comply with EU Regulation 2016/679 – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Full agreement can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding our Data Protection Policy please contact us by email.